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Beyond Basic Beer Ingredients



Beyond Basic Beer Ingredients
Tasting Class
Holladay, 07:30

Introduction to Adjuncts: Beyond Basic Ingredients 

The classic ingredients of beer are well established: water, barley malt, hops, and yeast. But by going beyond these traditional ingredients, we can open a new realm of beer flavor, and therefore new food pairings.  The term ‘adjunct’ generally refers to using different grains like corn, rice, oats or rye, but a whole host of possibilities are available to the modern brewer. From fruits to flowers, spices to vegetables, the only limit is the brewer’s imagination.  These beers can range from relatively familiar to startlingly exotic. Let us guide you through pairing these exciting flavors for truly unique combinations.

Please note: All cancellations require 48 hours notice. Food and wine are purchased and prepared in advance and cannot be re-purposed.
Meet your instructor – Rio Connelly
Rio Connelly is a professional brewer with over a decade of experience in the Utah Craft Beer scene. Having originally discovered a passion for brewing during college in Washington state, Rio has been experimenting with new styles, creating menus and writing about craft beverages at SLUG Magazine since his return to Salt Lake City in 2008. Helping to open Epic Brewing in 2010 and then starting the Avenues Proper restaurant and pub in 2013 were foundational learning experiences. With his business partners, Rio oversaw the expansion of the Proper brand to four locations including three restaurants, two bars, and two breweries. He is a Cicerone Program Certified Beer Server, a Recognized BJCP judge, and has attended classes at the Siebel Institute of Tehcnology, America’s oldest brewing school. “Watching Utah’s craft beer scene expand and grow has been a real pleasure for me,” Rio says, “the last few years have seen beer in our state only get more diverse and interesting.” In 2019, Rio departed from Proper to start Faultline Beverage, a consulting firm focused on helping startups realize their vision, and working with with brewers and other producers passionate about their product.


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Beyond Basic Ingredients without Beer 5/7/20$25.00
36 available
Beyond Basic Ingredients with Beer 5/7/20$45.00