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Cheese Boards



Cheese Boards
Tasting Class
Holladay, 07:30

So, you’re throwing a party and you want to have the most delicious and killer cheese board around? We’ve got you covered. Trying to impress your new in-laws or work pals? We’ll take it from here.

Cheese boards are where any guest will gravitate to for tasty nibbles between stimulating conversations or during commercial breaks. Wow them with expert presentation, pairings, and cheese knowledge. We’ll taste through cheese combinations, talk about how to best serve each kind of cheese, and how to store any tasty leftover that may be left. Get tips on how to best shop for and store your cheeses once you get them home. Our alcohol offerings have been expertly paired to round out the cheese-lover experience.

Please note: All cancellations require 24 hours notice. Food and wine are purchased and prepared in advance and cannot be re-purposed.


32 available
Cheese Boards without Wine 5/14/20$25.00
32 available
Cheese Boards with Wine 5/14/20$45.00