Popayán, Colombia

In a late night discussion with renowned cacao farmer, Volker Lehmann, he revealed to us that Colombia is the new frontier of heirloom and wild cacao, due to the country’s huge number of unique varietals, as well unknown numbers of wild cacao.

As kismet would have it, Cacao Hunters reached out to us the very next day. Cacao Hunters is a group of cacao experts that delve deeply into remote Colombian jungles to find native varieties previously unexplored by today’s chocolate makers. This mission perfectly aligns with our lifelong goal of helping to preserve biodiversity in cacao, and we can say with confidence that while many of Cacao Hunter’s origins are new to our palates, they are absolute jewels of cacao. Stylistically, the bars are made in a way that reminds us a lot of Domori back when they were just getting started.