Barcelona, Spain

Made famous in the U.S. by a 2008 episode of No Reservations when the late Anthony Bourdain led viewers into a tiny, Catalonian tavern known for tempting travelers with tins of seafood fetching upwards of €160 apiece, Espinaler is a name synonymous with history, tradition, and taste.⠀⠀

Celebrating Galicia’s finest, freshest, and most responsibly harvested fishes and seafood, this 125-year-old mark was amongst the first to prove that the tinning process can create a culinary experience that would otherwise be unachievable with fresh ingredients.

In addition to their two lines of tinned seafood, Classic and Premium, Espinaler also boasts a delicious suite of preserved vegetables and condiments, including their world-famous “Salsa Espinaler.”

To recreate an authentic tavern experience, we recommend pairing a few tins with some of these other products, just as they would in Barcelona.


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