Klawock, Alaska

Founded way back in 1987, Wildfish Cannery has a rich and delicious history, synonymous with sustainability, tradition, quality, and community. The “cannery” part of their name is no accident. In fact, it’s an intentional and important part of their story.

Despite an abundance of tinned seafood brands operating in North America, there are only a few craft seafood canneries and Wildfish Cannery is one of them. Thus, they are unique in that it is both a label and a manufacturer.

All of their seafood is hand-harvested and sustainably sourced by fisherfolk and divers in Alaska’s responsibly-managed, community-based fisheries. Having over three decades of direct relationships with these harvesters means that Wildfish has their pick of top-quality fish and seafood in any given season. It also means they’ve got the experience to uplift the natural, briny beauty of some of our oceans’ most gorgeous gifts. Simply put: this is arguably the best North American tinned seafood one can buy.

Wildfish’s product line includes the following types of batches:
Limited – Available stock may fluctuate with seasonal changes
Small Batch – Single batches made annually, usually a few thousand cans each
Reserve – Very special, sometimes one-time batches produced in small quantities (50-500 cans at a time)