Pontevedra, Spain

Conservas de Cambados is both a factory and a label living at the intersection of artisanal quality and culinary tradition. Their iconic packaging, inspired by the seafood nets that dot the Galician coastline, is a visual reminder of the history and care that for decades has made this brand the benchmark for gourmet conserva in Spain.

Nearly four decades ago, mussel wholesaler José Luis Alfonso set out to create a premium gourmet conserva company whose products could showcase the unrivaled splendor of the Galician seafood he grew up eating.

When it came to finding the raw material, he knew he needn’t look further than the nearby Ría de Arousa which is known as an open-water nursery for mussel farming where meterslong ropes of meaty mollusks grow on floating rafts called “Bateas”.

Today, the company is safely and creatively helmed by José’s children Maite and Keko. What’s new is an increasing stock of fishes and seafood sourced from other parts of Spain. What hasn’t changed is their emphasis on small-batch, artisanal processing. All their seafood is purchased during peak freshness and processed by the hands of the 50, mostly female artisans who make magic happen in a small factory in José’s hometown of Pontevedra.


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