Lisbon, Portugal

Make a splash with JOSÉ Gourmet’s seafood of distinction. Conservas (tinned fish) swim with character…tender and succulent. Sustainably fished from the Iberian Peninsula’s rich coastal waters, aromatic marine delicacies are sophisticated, delectable, and nutritious.

Traditionally produced in classic Portuguese style, JOSÉ Gourmet conservas are a party presto—open the tin and dive in.

JOSÉ Gourmet practices fair trade with honest commitment to people and possibilities. Premium ingredients are passionately sourced from small local farms, naturally. JOSÉ Gourmet extra virgin olive oils (vibrant, lustrous, smooth) and jams (sweet, spicy, savory) are inspired by Portugal’s verdant countryside.

An original masterpiece on every box—imaginative artwork honors fishermen, fisherwomen, canneries, and stars of the sea.

Savor life with gusto…and JOSÉ Gourmet.


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