From Adriano Ribeiro and Luís Mendonça, the duo behind Jose Gourmet, Ati Manel is named for Luis’ great-grandfather, a creative visionary of his day who owned a storied canning company in the mid-20th century. When Luís discovered a dust-covered trove of relics from that business, long-forgotten in a family basement, he was inspired to resurrect the genius of an ancestor he never got to meet.

Together with Adriano, Luís has created a seductive portal to the past, and they’ve done so by marrying mid-century design and heirloom recipes with a touch of contemporary flair. The result is a brand whose flavored-centered tins transport you to another time all while centering deliciousness and oozing cool.

Their suite of carefully crafted products, sourced from throughout Portugal and Galicia, boasts some of the most elegant canned fish, seafood, and pates one can buy.


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