May Your Cravings Be Tasty

I can’t help it, I love a good May pun. I also love the meme of Justin Timberlake with his infamous poorly pronounced song lyric. Yes, Justin. It’s gonna be May.

May is upon us along with longer, warm days and the promise of another fantastic summer season. More daylight means more time to spend with your favorite people noshing on our newest cravings. Here’s what we’re sharing this month:

Cravings 2016-05 Ancient Heritage Dairy AdelleCHEESE: Adelle

She’s a lovely one, this Adelle. Ancient Heritage Dairy is a small, artisan company focused on sheep’s milk and mixed milk cheese. Portland’s only urban dairy is at the epicenter of one of the top food cities tastiest neighborhoods. Adelle is a bloomy rind, pasteurized blend of cow and sheep’s milk. It’s fluffy interior paste and buttery, citrusy flavors are perfect for serving with fruit preserves, baguette, and prosecco. We love the old world flavors of each cheese on their own, but these are also impossibly easy to pair with other food and drink.




Cravings 2016-05 Workhorse Rye Flowers and CacaoBITTERS: Flowers & Cacao

Workhourse Rye is perfect for the food and/or beverage geek, each bitters is crafted with unrivaled skill. Each recipe creates an immersive experience whose transcendental effects are hard to shake off.  Spring’s best gifts, chocolate and a bouquet of flowers, have been combined into one lovely concoction, perfect for blasting into cocktails and treats alike. Mix into meringue, sweet or savory pastry doughs, or your favorite gin cocktails. We’re also drinking too many bitters sodas in the offices these days. If we can’t be basking in the sunshine, we can at least be drinking a floral cacao soda instead.




Cravings 2016-05 Guido Gobino Gianduja SpreadCHOCOLATE: Guido Gobino Gianduja Spread

I really don’t have to say anything except this: THIS BELONGS ON ICE CREAM. I do, however, have just a bit more to day.

Gianduja is the lovely Italian tradition of combining cacao and hazelnuts into a smooth paste that was originally created as a way to lengthen cacao during the time of Napoleon when he had cut off the supply of cacao to Italy. I owe that good ol’ Napoleon a big hug, because this is by far one of my favorite Italian traditions. Think Nutella, but more grown up and less corn syrupy. It’s transcendent, I tell you. Top sundaes, gelato, tarts, or fruit with a dollop of this creamy spread. Your worries will melt away as fast as this spread does on your tongue.

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