April Crave-ables

Here it comes, the ever so strange days of April. I know I’ll be wearing a sundress one day, and my warmest sweater the next. Between the crazy weather, tax deadlines, and lust for summer, we all deserve to feast in tasty fashion. Rain or shine, we’ll be noshing on some of the very tastiest items in the market. Here are your newest cravings from the shelves of our market:

Cravings 2016-03 March-6 final smSALAMI: Olympia Provisions Loukanika

Salumi master Elias Cairo grew up right here in Salt Lake City. Cairo’s father had a constant supply of home-cured meats, so we can only assume his passion and precision began from a very young age. Fast forward a few decades and we’re in love with his offerings being made in Portland, Oregon. Our first love? Loukanika. It’s an ode to the best of Greece’s blending of sweet aromas and pungent spices. Cumin and orange zest are mixed into the highest quality pork for a salami that is balanced and fragrant with the most covetable texture. Serve slices solo or with crusty bread and milder, semifirm cheeses for a in-between season snack or the perfect no cook weeknight meal.





Cravings 2016-04 April Brasstown 2CHOCOLATE: Brasstown Chili

Here’s Matt with his two cents on Brasstown: “When we were sent samples from chocolate maker Rom Still, we took one look at the old packaging and assumed that what was inside could not possibly be good. However, some of the origins were fairly common among elite craft chocolate makers, so we kept the samples around for comparison. Problem is they kept beating some of the brands we already carried in blind taste tests.  You know what they say, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” So we did.”

What’s that? You like spicy chocolate? Perfect, this is for you. 70% dark chocolate melts perfectly on your tongue while giving way to a complex chocolatey finish highlighted by a spicy kick from the chili. This is the very stuff cravings are made of. This bar will disappear all too quickly and leave you craving more. So much so, in fact, that we’ll hopefully get to see your lovely faces a few times this month. Hey, we’re not complaining.



Cravings 2016-04 April Viola Olive Oil 2PANTRY: Viola Colleruita Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It seems every olive oil has awards to brag about these days, though none has accolades so plentiful and prestigious as Viola. Flos Olei is the most expansive international publication and rating system for olive oil. For three years in a row, Viola received or tied for the top score, including in 2015 when Viola was named “Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil” out of over 400 estate olive oils from all around the globe.

Umbria’s dry climate, poor soil, and large diurnal shift make for tough work for olive trees. What few olives are produced are potent and full of complex flavors. Condiment grade oil of this caliber can be added to any dish and will make it countless times better. When I say any dish, I mean any dish. Pasta, proteins, even ice cream are fantastic with a drizzle of Viola.

Now, for the first time, we’ve brought in a full selection of oils from Viola. Start with the Colleruita and work your way through their selection.

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