Let’s Talk about Dad

Is it just me, or are dads sometimes even more difficult to shop for than moms? Flowers and chocolate may be cliche, but they sure are easy. Now that June is just on the horizon, Father’s Day is coming. If you’re like me, a little inspiration goes a long way. Here’s what we’re giving to every kind of dad out there:


Sentimental Dad: ‘The only gift I want is to spend time with you’

Well, if that doesn’t hit you right in the feels, I don’t know what will. If dad wants to hang out, don’t spend it wasting away in front of the tv or napping on his couch. We’ve got a handful of classes perfect for any Dad that make for the perfect gift and a great to spend time together. Whether your dad is a beer guy, wine enthusiast, chocolate lover, or cheese geek, we’ve got a class perfect for each one. Give the gift and join him for the class!







Dessert Dad: Sweet Fiend

Is a sweet tooth genetic? If you and your old man share a love for the sweeter side of life, we got chocolate that will impress that discerning palette of his. Dick Taylor is a thing of beauty and perfect for gifting. Award winning craft chocolate wrapped in a dad-approved package. Think chocolate for strong men who work in garages on weekends, but with the kind of flavor and nuance to turn any sawdusty frown upside down. Pick from single origin dark bars and inclusions ranging from blackberry bergamot to straight bourbon whiskey.







Carnivore Dad: Summers Spent Grilling

There comes a time every summer where someone has to put their foot down and tell dad to step away from the grill. Soften the blow with Olympia Provisions. Rillettes, pate, and salumi are all ready to eat and made with the highest quality pork and spices. If you just can’t wrestle dad away from the those charcoals, join in on the fun with OP’s tasty sausages like Kasekrainer (um, hi, they’re filled with CHEESE), Kielbasa, and Smoked Chorizo. We’ve got plenty of serving suggestions for you, stop by one of our stores and we’ll help you put together the perfect porky gift.




Cocktail Dad: Knows the difference between an Old Fashioned and a Manhattan

This guy, he knows how to stir, shake, and garnish accordingly. I bet he’s got the home bar to back it up, too. Workhorse Rye Bitters are the perfect addition to a well curated or burgeoning collection. Whether it be Pink Lemon & Hibiscus, Orange Cacao, Aromatic Barrel Aged Bitters, or one of the ever-changing seasonal varieties, each Workhorse Rye bitters is crafted with unrivaled skill. Each recipe creates an immersive experience whose transcendental effects are hard to shake off.

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