Because Mom Loves Chocolate, Too

Let’s be clear. Nobody cooks better than Mom. Your mom, your SO’s mom, your friend’s mom, everyone’s  mom is the best cook. It’s best not to argue about this, and sometimes it’s best to just let mom be the best. Don’t try to one-up her best recipes, don’t try to replicate anything. Basically, give up now. Instead, give mom chocolate as the gift worthy of her perfect taste and culinary aesthetic. Here’s a few mom-approved bars to become the favorite child:

Amano Raspberry Rose

This bar hits all the feel good spots Mom will love. Locally made (hellloooooo Orem!), artisan, and award-winning are just the beginning. Chocolate maker Art Pollard expertly crafts his bars to the highest standards. Mix in the crunchy tartness of raspberry and the delicate floral finish to rich Ecuadorian chocolate and you have one perfect chocolate experience. Don’t believe us? Art’s multitude of awards should convince you. Amano has won more awards than any other domestic craft chocolate maker, and this bar is an exceptional introduction to Amano’s selection of bars.

Cacao Sampaka Roses & Strawberries

Are you noticing a trend here? Delicate and floral is so in for craft chocolate these days. If Mom isn’t as excited about dark chocolate as we are, this is the one for you. Creamy white chocolate envelopes crystallized bits of rose and strawberry in a lovely example of textural juxtaposition and refined flavor. No soapiness or kool-aid artificial raspberry here. Only pure flavors and and swirled yet sophisticated mold. What’s more, Mom gets two bars in one of these packages. Twice as nice for Mom and one more reason you’re winning at this year’s gifting.



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