Tower of Terroir 2: OmNom Coffee + Milk

If you’ve been following our Tower of Terroir series over the last week, then you know we’ve been obsessing over all things Halloween. In between the spider-webbing of our front doors, carving of crooked-teethed pumpkins, and brainstorming costume ideas (pretty sure I’m going with Disco Bunny), we’ve shared a couple pretty killer recipes. We’ve covered drinks and dinner, but now it’s time for the thing trick-or-treaters want most: chocolate!

Well, sort of. It’s actually coffee. Plus milk. And cocoa butter. With a touch of raw cane sugar thrown in. Okay okay, it’s a latte. But also a chocolate bar. Wait, what?

omnomcoffeemilkbar-2-1024x678The good folks over at OmNom (read: highly awarded, truly delicious, beautifully packaged Icelandic chocolate Jedi masters) wanted to see what would happen if they replaced cacao beans with coffee beans, and we can say pretty much without pause that it’s one of the most delicious things on our shelves right now. OmNom worked extensively on this project with their fellow countrymen Reykjavik Roasters to develop a roasting curve that would deliver the best aromatic results and smoothest flavor. The result is, well, a deliciously edible latte. Actually it’s more like 5 lattes (eat the whole bar in one sitting and you’ll be jittering something fierce), and it’s only $9.99. Plus, the spooky bats on the package are just too perfect for Halloween.

Pick up a couple bars before the 31st, in stores or online!

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