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Salame Toscano

The history of salumi is long, storied, and speckled with delicious spores of healthy molds. Salumi’s origins center around the preservation of meat for future consumption. Italian salumi sprang up from a need to preserve primarily pork and beef, and introduced new ingredients based on the given region where it was produced. As salumi continued to grow in popularity, tradition took hold and each region defined its own style.

Salame Cotto

Currently, most salumi producers stick to the classics. They’re timeless, tasty, and well established enough that large, commercial operations know how to cut corners without most of the market batting an eye. Old-world or imitated, we all love a classic prosciutto, know the smoky salt of speck, and have high expectations when finocchiona is on the menu. These classic cuts are made to match our expectations, but many may have lost their claim to regionality and old-world production along the way.


Chris Eley

Enter Smoking Goose. Chris Eley, owner and head butcher, wanted to re-introduce old-world techniques with a new-world flair for flavor. Chris founded Smoking Goose with a mission to bring American made salumi back to, well, America. When looking through the selection of meats from Smoking Goose, you’ll notice a distinct lack of old-world recipes. Chris strives to apply the regional values at the heart and history of salumi right back into his hometown and all it has to offer.

Delaware Fireball

Working with farmers in Indiana and neighboring states who raise their animals as nature intended, with inclusions and ingredients inspired by and foraged for in the surrounding landscape, Smoking Goose is American salumi at its core. Chris and the Goose gang still seam butcher by hand and cure without compound nitrates to honor old world craft, while inspiring with bold and regional new world flavors.

Dodge City Salame

From Duck Prosciutto to a spicy, smoked, fermented crepinette called the Delaware Fireball, the selection produced by Smoking Goose has range in both style and taste. Their unwavering commitment to quality, flavor, and humane, sustainable farm partners has earned them accolades and awards from Good Food Awards, James Beard, the New York Times, and many more. We’re excited to host them in our case and can’t wait for you to come try some soon.

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