New From Piedmont: Alta Langa Cheese

Fields of rolling green studded with famous grapes, hidden truffles, and a rich ecosystem of traditional and regenerative agriculture create a verdant backdrop for Caseificio dell’Alta Langa (Alta Langa Dairy). This family owned and operated dairy has been producing mixed milk cheeses from their cows, goats, and sheep since 1880, for 5 generations. Deeply rooted in the culinary traditions of Piedmont, Italy, they are fearless innovators and have been since their inception.

Robiola Bosina

Alta Langa is not new to our cheese case at Caputo’s. We’re proud long time fans and supporters and have even called out their Robiola Bosina as the perfect One Cheese Cheese-Board in the past. Their attention to detail, care for animals, and respect for tradition have won accolades in both international awards and in our hearts.

Blu di Langa

When we were presented with an opportunity to import and showcase more of their art, er, cheese (it’s both), we couldn’t have been more honored. From a fresh goat toma, to a mixed milk blue, and their adorable and unique small-format treasures, the selection from Alta Langa has range.

Join us in enjoying these beautiful representations of what cheese can be when it’s made with care and responsibility.

In the words of Matt Caputo, we’re “SO EXCITED!!!”

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