Ask Matt: Shrimp and Chocolate?!

“Ask Matt Caputo” is an ongoing feature where Matt answers commonly asked questions from the market. This week, he discusses the newest inclusion ingredients from a Singaporean bean to bar craft chocolate maker.

shrimpnbonito-3I just found Fossa‘s new chocolate bars with shrimp and bonito and another with sake. Are they for real???


Fossa is absolutely flying off the shelves. This new Singaporean brand is so freaking popular, it’s crazy. Don’t miss the Bonito and Shrimp bar. And before anyone gets ‘ethnocentrically’ squeamish, keep in mind most every Chinese or Thai dish with fish in it includes more sugar and is sweeter than this incredibly well executed bar. It’s not just for novelty. People in different places have different tastes. Try to keep an open mind. The way the inclusions are presented on the back are beautiful. You may be surprised by how much you enjoy it.

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Disclaimer: While Matt Caputo is a Certified Cheese Professional and specialty food fanatic, he is not a medical professional, doctor, or certified nutritionist. Please consult with your doctor or other qualified health care professional before making any healthcare decisions, diagnostics or treatment decisions based on Matt’s answers.


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