February’s Lovable Cravings

We’re gearing up for Valentine’s Day here at Caputo’s. We’ve got a ton of tasty new Chocolatier Blue flavors and fully stocked chocolate shelves for your gifting needs. I hope your Valentine plans on sharing, because chocolate is always better when you have someone to enjoy it with, right? Whether you’re a fan of the holiday or not, we’re going to keep your entire month delicious and crave-worthy. Here’s what we’re digging this month:

Cravings 2016-02-2 Chocolatier BlueFOR YOUR VALENTINE: Chocolatier Blue

Chocolatier Blue is the Valentine staple. A better filled chocolate simply does not exist. Chris Blue uses local Solstice Chocolate for the shells and chocolate ganaches for each perfect piece along with only the highest quality ingredients for a beautiful effect and delicious taste. Fifteen new flavors have just hit our stores with an all too perfect theme: Breakfast in bed! Give your love a box filled with your favorite brunch treats like cinnamon roll, blueberry muffin, fruit loops, or chai tea. There are plenty of flavors and box sizes to choose from so your gift will be just right.





Cravings 2016-02-3 Omnom MadagascarMORE CHOCOLATE: OmNom Milk of Madagascar

Can you blame us? If ever a month existed that we could select two different chocolate cravings, this would have to be it. OmNom makes their chocolate in small batches in Iceland using top quality beans and, in this case, Icelandic milk that is almost impossible to beat. We love this bar because it captures the terroir of Madagascar beans (red berries, citrus, lots of pleasant acidity) while still offering the comforting creaminess of a milk chocolate bar. If you or your valentine find yourself craving a grown up milk chocolate, look no further. I’ll be making a salted milk chocolate budino with olive oil for my Valentine this year using this bar, but any recipe that calls for milk chocolate would be lucky to have the likes of the OmNom bar incorporated into it.

Cravings 2016-02-1 LentilsPANTRY: Zursun Spanish Pardina Lentils

There are lentils, and then there are Zursun lentils. It turns out, Idaho has the perfect climate to grow some of the very best heirloom legumes and beans. Our world is infinitely tastier because of it. Zursun hit our shelves about six months ago because we knew they’d be a hit. We didn’t stop there though. Our newest salad in the deli is designed around these very lentils. Spanish pardinas are nutty and filling, they cook easily and are the perfect lentil for soups, salads, and sides. So yes, they’re the base for our new lentil salad, but you’ll see them here in soups and other specials as well. My favorite winter recipe uses these as well, and you know I’ll be sharing that this month to help spread the lentil love.





Happy early Valentine’s Day, all you beautiful people. We hope your February is filled with tasty treats and plenty of craveable fun. Oh, and chocolate.

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