Coffee + Milk = Perfection, OmNom Style

It’s one of the original matches made in food heaven, and it’s a part of mornings all over the world. Coffee is the jumpstart to the day, a delicious welcome to the day ahead. Milk softens the blow of pure black coffee for some, and adds texture or flavor for others. Either way, we all sure do love it.

OmNom took a necessary part of my daily beverage intake and turned it into something innovative, exciting, and entirely delicious, the Coffee + Milk Bar. These chocolate makers took lightly-roasted coffee and processed it in the exact same way they do with cacao beans to make a bar of chocolate. Sugar, milk powder, and cacao butter are added for sweetness and texture. The result is a creamy, delicious bar that tastes exactly like we’d expect, milk and coffee.

I’ve kept a sneaky stash of this in my office since we received our first shipment. I’ve been trying to cut down on my caffeine intake lately. Somehow, I’ve justified the C+M bar as a chocolate-like treat rather than a coffee break. It’s working out splendidly. It’s working out so well, in fact, that this has become my new go-to gift for little “thank you”s and birthday treats.

Stash this bar away for yourself, give it as a fun gift, or use it as a groovy substitute for milk chocolate in your favorite recipes. The coffee flavor will come through in a fun and tasty way.

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