DIY: Chocolate & Cheese Pairings

Oreos and milk. Peanut butter and Jelly. You’ve been creating “pairings” your whole life without realizing it! Meet the hottest pairing since fries and milkshakes – chocolate and cheese. Explore your creative, adventurous palate with the three introductory indulgent combinations below.

Pralus Sao Tome: Pralus presents dark, fudgy bars highlighting both the iconic French style (deeply roasted, high cocoa butter content) and the terroir of specific regions. Sao Tome, made with the island’s unique strain of Forastero beans, is fruity, spicy, and pleasantly acidic.
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Ur-Eiche: This washed cow’s milk cheese is created by a team of mostly women at the Swiss mountain dairy of Girenbad. Led by award winning cheese maker Christa Egli, the dairy uses homemade rennet and pays a higher than average price for exceptional local milk. Ur-Eiche is washed with oak extract, creating a light barrique taste, with notes of pine nuts, buttered toast and roasted shallots.
Why this works: The nutty, savory-sweet flavors of the cheese contrast with the acidity of the chocolate, creating a balanced bite in your mouth. Additionally, the roasty, dark notes from Pralus’ style compliment the buttered toast flavors in the cheese (think coffee with pastries!).

Naive Porcini: Yup, porcini, as in the mushroom. In dark milk chocolate! Such is the creative genius of Domatas Uzpalis, founder of Naive Chocolate. By using locally sourced Lithuanian ingredients – like porcini mushrooms – blended with velvety chocolate, he challenges our conceptions of what “should” be paired with cacao. Trust us – the earthy mushroom + creamy chocolate works.
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Sapore del Piave: Produced in the Veneto region of Northeast Italy, Sapore del Piave takes the best of the Parmigiano Reggiano and the best of the Swisses and comes together in one glorious moment. Full of crystals and savory-sweetness.
Why this works: The earthy mushroom begs for contrasting sweetness, and Sapore del Piave doesn’t disappoint. Additionally, the creaminess of the chocolate is a satisfying contrast to the crystalline texture of the cheese.

Fossa Lychee Rose: Rose tea-infused Haiti 52% Dark Milk Chocolate topped with dehydrated lychee from Thailand and crunchy cacao nibs.
Paired with:
La Peral: Produced by third generation cheesemakers Esther Alvarez and her husband Jose Luis Lopez at the family’s dairy in Northern Spain. Made from a blend of cow’s milk and sheep’s cream, La Peral boasts savory richness and a bit of crunch from tiny granules in the light blue veins.
Why this works: Usually our rule of thumb for blue cheese with chocolate is the addition of vanilla to the chocolate! However, the floral aspect of rose tea steps in nicely as a substitute in this pairing, while chewy bits of lychee provide contrast to the cheese’s fudgy texture.


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