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So, you’re having a party—your friends, their kids, your kids, their parents, your parents, and who knows who else. They’ll all be attending, and you need a few treats to satiate them. First, I admire each and every one of you for hosting parties this season. Second, I know you’ll want to have an impressive table of grub. Third, I hope you get some sweet host gifts for throwing such a great party.

Not sure what to serve or how to serve it? Let us help. We hosted our very own Caputo’s party just a few days ago using our very best tips and tricks (many thanks to Matt and Yelena for hosting at their beautiful home). Our managers, mongers, and co-workers gathered for a festive get-together just before the boom of the holidays came crashing down upon us. I must say, we know how to throw a pretty fantastic—and filling—party.

Libations: This is the most necessary component to any party. Drinks—alcoholic or not—are a good way to make guests comfortable. We recommend one featured drink for the party, wine and beer, and a few nonalcoholic options as well. I started a big pot of mulled wine only 30 minutes before all our friends arrived. I love mulled wine for parties, because it’s easy to replenish and keep warm on the stove. We also used this party to test our Rosemary Gimlet out, which takes a bit more work at a large party, but is easy to make in batches for 3-5 people at once. We, of course, had plenty of Squatters beer and Ruth Lewandowski wine on hand as well. We keep ride-share apps and taxi numbers handy for anyone who may not be comfortable driving home after the party. Libations, check.

Food: OUR FAVORITE! This is often the most difficult part of a party for me, because making decisions. Fear not, friends. Our mongers picks and tips will help you select the very best nibbles for you and your guests.

Cheese and Charcuterie: We plate and serve these separately for larger parties since some of our pals might be vegetarian or have other dietary restrictions that keep them from enjoying one category or the other. We plated a few beautiful cheese boards and charcuterie boards. Our cheeses were cubed, sliced, or served whole with a dedicated serving knife based on the cheese. Not sure how to serve? Ask your monger! We’re here to help with pairings, serving suggestions, and any info you may want to have on hand to dazzle your guests. We chose a selection that featured our favorite local and imported products. Creminelli, Avalanche, and our own Cave Aged Cheeses are a great place to start. We fill in the gaps with our favorite products from the rest of U.S. and Europe after that.

Pairings and More: Crackers, sliced bread, olives, and marinated veggies are always on hand to pair with our lovely cheese and charcuterie. We each have our favorites, but easy-to-eat finger foods like olives and pickles are always tastier when served alongside cheese and meat.

Sweets: It’s not a Caputo’s party if there isn’t chocolate! We served some of our favorite bars and rosemary brittle to satisfy those with a sweet tooth. Choose from local chocolate makers like Amano, Chocolate Conspiracy, Durci, and Solstice, then add in your favorites from around the world.


People: You’re on your own here, my friends. We can’t tell you who to invite, but I’m just throwing it out there, if I were invited, I’d bring a pretty sweet host gift.

Whether Caputo’s helps with your nibbles, drinks, or catered trays, we hope your parties are filled with love, laughs, and joy.





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