If you’re ringing in the New Year with your closest friends and family, you’ll likely need a few nibbles and bubbles to help with the festivities. Here are a few quick ideas perfect for pairing and sharing on the last night of 2015:


This lovely, little cheese comes to us from Jasper Hill Farm in Vermont. Harbison is a small-format, soft-ripened cheese wrapped in tree bark pulled from the woods surrounding Jasper Hill. The result is a creamy, sweet paste with notes of wood and herbs. Cut the top rind off and serve with a spoon at your party; scooping out this paste is a transcendent experience. PairHarbison with crackers, fruit, and champagne.



Take your champagne game up a notch this year with one simple addition. Drizzle a 1/2 teaspoon of Luxardo syrup into champagne flutes, top with sparkling wine, and garnish with a Luxardo cherry. Boom. Bubbly game on point.



Is it obvious yet that I love soft-ripened cheeses and sparkling wine together? If not, let me spell it out: I LOVE SOFT-RIPENED CHEESE WITH SPARKLING WINE.

From the same Piemontese producers who brings us Rocchetta and La Tur comes a sweet, mushroomy due latte cheese called Robiola Bosina. Cow and sheep’s milks are blended to form a thin square of soft-ripened cheese. The soft rind gives way to a creamy, oozy paste that coats the mouth. Pair with Prosecco for the ultimate Italian-inspired New Year.



Does there really have to be a reason for eating chocolate? The answer is no.

I love a few nibbles of really exceptional chocolate once the New Year’s toast is over. Why not make your chocolate local? Our Utah Dark Chocolate Collection has some of our favorite locally-made bars for your nibbling pleasure. Want a little more? Stop by one of our locations for a few samples to help you decide on your own curated selection of fine artisan chocolate.



Italians will traditionally eat lentils cooked with pancetta and sage and topped with cotechino on New Year’s Eve. The small round shape of both the lentils and cotechino signify wealth to Italians. Plus, it’s an incredibly tasty way to welcome 2016.



Here’s another way to raise the bar with your average sparkling wine this year. Have fun mixing bitters and other ingredients for festive sparkling wine cocktails. Not sure where to start? Our Essential Bitters Collection will get you going with our most popular, coveted, and easy-to-use bitters.


Local Collection

Whether you need a hostess gift, a quick party pack, or tried and true treats, we’ve got ready-made collections to get your party started. Choose from any of our gift collections to give to your favorite hostess or as a starter pack for your own party. You can’t go wrong with the goodies we’ve put together for you.



There you have it, friends. I hope you’ve all had a marvelous 2015, and I hope 2016 is even better—and tastier!

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